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I've always been fascinated by Arts, since I was a child I dreamed while I was in class, drawing everywhere no matter what the teachers said. I just couldn't stop creating things, histories and characters. I have been playing the piano for six years so I guess this helped me to have special "sensibility" towards Art. 

At the same time I was strongly influenced by my father, who used writing poems and taking photos the places he visited with my mum:  precious and astonishing shots I admire. I was encouraged to participate to school's contests with drawing, photography and poetry modalities and every year I was awarded with the first prize.
Later, I reached Baccalaureate of Arts after failing on sciences but I wasn't very motivated in front the perspective of doing Art's History. I had heard horrible things and I had my doubts. But the first day I discovered something different, a teacher who was able to touch me in the very deep, a woman who "lived" her profession speaking with emotion and devotion. This was probably what made me see I was in love of Arts. Every single of them.

Now I know I wouldn't live without my camera...One day I told myself "I will show the beauty of the world through my photos" and this is still my headline, my dream.

Coldplay Concert "Viva la Vida"

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