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Two days ago I received my first Daily Deviaton.

I NEVER expected to have such recognition and it's my first time and I can't hardly believe it. I'm very thankful to everyone for believe in my work and have finded this photo worthy of receiving a DD.

Sometimes I think my photos aren't enough good, or simply I'm too critic with myself and I'm unable to see the good things in them. Sometimes I'm afraid to upload them because I don't trust enough with my own capacities. I know experience grows from the successes and mistakes, trying the day after day no matter how people will say about you or your work: accepting other's comments, opinions and points of views is the true key for improving one's skills.

Maybe is that sometimes I feel I'm lost or confused about everything but this has helped me to realise that maybe I'm going trough the good path and all effort I put in my photos is fine.

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